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Cook County Kidney Failure Attorneys

Cook County Kidney Failure Attorneys

Handling Kidney Damage, Kidney Failure and Kidney Injury Due to Carelessness and Negligence

When someone loses 85 percent or more of kidney function, he or she is generally facing three options:

  1. Dialysis
  2. Kidney transplant
  3. Death in less than a year

Because of how difficult, expensive and all-consuming a kidney condition can be, it is important to consult a lawyer if you believe a doctor's negligence or someone else's careless actions caused the injuries that have resulted in kidney failure.

For more than 15 years, we at the office of John E. Marszalek, Attorney at Law, have worked through several cases where a client has had kidney issues and each one has resulted in multimillion-dollar recoveries. In each case, the doctor, hospital or manufacturer denied that there was any liability between what they did and the client's kidney problem. We were able to pursue compensation in settlement or jury trial and obtained millions for our clients in the process.

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Chicago Kidney Trauma Lawyers

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of how doctors can misdiagnose blood test results and neglect to catch a kidney that is failing. We know how often patients should have their blood tested and that certain patients with a predisposition for kidney failure shouldn't be taking certain drugs due to side effects or death.

Doctors can perform blood tests to determine how much kidney function you have remaining. At a certain point, you need to determine the type of dialysis you go on, among other decisions. Dialysis is expensive and requires a regiment that is tough to follow. After a certain time, your insurance will stop paying and you may need Medicare assistance.

We are able to look at doctors' mistakes, work accidents and other issues to determine if you have a case at no charge. If a doctor has informed you or a loved one that you have renal failure or CKD (chronic kidney disease) or end-stage kidney disease caused by a mistake or accident, it is important to reach out as soon as possible.

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An example of our success:

A woman had pre-existing kidney problems went to the hospital believing she had a tooth ache. After keeping her for observation, the hospital gave her multiple doses of pain killers that sent her into a coma. She eventually died because her kidneys were not flushing the drug. The firm was able to settle the wrongful death case for seven figures.